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Sports Photos: Purchase Information and Pricing

Enlargement sales and Pricing

You can order reprints or enlargements of very nearly all of the photos shown on this site.


UK minimum order £5.00 - Non-UK minimum £10.00
TypeSizeMetricPriceUK Delivery
Photo4 x 6"10.1 x 15.2cm£1.001
Photo5 x 7"12.7 x 17.7cm£3.001
Photo6 x 9"15.2 x 22.9cm£4.001
Photo8 x 10"20.3 x 25.4cm£6.001
Photo10 x 15"25.4 x 38.1cm£10.001
MerchandiseMouse Mat24.8 x 19cm£15.002
MerchandiseMug9.5 x 8cm£12.002
Large photo8 x 12"20.3 x 30.5cm£7.001
Large photoA2 16.5 23.4"42 59.4cm£16.002
Large photo20 x 30"50.8 x 76.2cm£30.002
Large photo30 x 40"76.2 x 101.6cm£40.002
DigitalDigital image on CDn/a£2.002
Prices last revised March 2016
Discounts on some lines available for large quantity orders
Postage: UK orders £ 2.00 | £ 3.00 depending on item size and type
International orders at cost

About the New Ordering System

I'd been struggling to reconfigure a shareware shopping trolley CGI that I bought ages ago and got fed up with it, deciding to write my own from scratch since I could then tailor it to my exact needs. Most of the site already uses PHP, so most of the data I needed was already in place. The new system uses session variables to store the items in the shopping basket as you add them, which means you can go anywhere on the site (eg: to other seasons, or use the search facility) and it remembers everything you've ordered so far. All the prices are stored in a MySQL table, so its very easy to update them or to add extra sizes or items should they become available (or to remove some if they are unpopular).

I do not keep a database of customers' addresses - that's why I ask for your address each time you order. While you are using the shopping basket, your details are stored in session data on the server, which is cleared when you leave the site or close the browser window.

Your comments and feedback on the new system would be most welcome:

Publishers and Photo Buyers

My photos are published in local and national media and newspapers (see my client list). The vast majority of the images on these pages, action or stock, are available for publication. Quote the reference number and I will grant you single-use non-exclusive license for reproduction (absolute minimum £25.00 - actual fee will depend on circulation figures, size of reproduction, etc.). I can send images direct to you via email, or I can post you the original high resolution scans or digital image files as PSD, TIFF, etc. on CD-ROM (additional charge of £3.00). Due to the nature of the subjects I generally cover, no model releases are available, so images cannot be used that could imply product endorsement by the subject. Payment can be made via PayPal or company cheque in Sterling. I am not VAT registered.

Please avoid printing images downloaded from these webpages - I can send you higher resolution versions on request. Reproduction fees for large volume sales (eg: posters and calendars) by negotiation. If you need photos of a particular player or rider that my on-page search can't find, please provide me with more than a name - having the venue, shirt number, position played and which season(s) they played makes it a lot easier, and quicker, for me to search my substantial archive.

Credit is mandatory; copyright of all published images remains the property of the photographer.

Mobile: 0771 2255 148


hockeyphotos link button Webmasters of fan club web pages can use images from these pages only by prior arrangement. Preference will be given to official sites. Images must be marked with an adjacent credit and a link provided somewhere on the site back to these pages, preferably using this standard-sized button. A commission or discount may be applicable to volume sales arising from your site. Webmasters using my images without consent will be reported to their Internet service provider.


IMPORTANT: All the photographs on this website are Copyright © Chris Valentine or the contributing photographer under UK law (the Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988) and the Bern Convention. The Copyright of all prints, enlargements and images sold remains the property of the photographer; unless otherwise agreed, purchase and ownership of a print does not entitle you to reproduction of the image in any way, including on web pages. All digital image files carry embedded Copyright information.

All club, league and sponsor logos are copyright of the respective organisation and their inclusion in images is incidental.

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